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Giant dogs, from the gentle Newfoundland to the fierce Tibetan Mastiff

Officially, Giant Dogs are dogs that are a minimum of 27" at the shoulder. I prefer to think that a Giant Dog is one who elicits remarks like "look at the size of that dog!"

A Giant breed dog is one who tempts people to slow down in their cars to watch them, one who tempts people out of their houses for a closer look.

And they all look like big, cuddly teddy bears. However, that is not the case.

If you are considering a giant breed, either soon or in the future, it is as well to research carefully, find out the true cost of feeding and insurance, and get an idea of exactly what you will be taking on.

Many people tell me my newfoundlands are gorgeous, but they wouldn’t want one because they are too big, or they don’t have a big enough house.

It certainly needs a lot of thought and research if you are planning on owning a dog of this massive size. It needs a lot of thought and research if you are planning on owning any dog, but with a giant breed there are many things to consider apart from space.

The most important thing to think about is the history of these dogs. There are three main groups that these giants fall into: rescue, hunting and livestock guardians.

A dog bred for rescue is likely to make a wonderful pet, as he is naturally people friendly. A dog bred for hunting can make an excellent pet as well, and a good protector, so long as you realise his traits and work with them. A livestock guardian, unless the breed has been domesticated for many generations, is likely to turn into a nightmare when kept as a pet.

Think carefully, research carefully, and you will not make the mistakes which land these beautiful dogs in rescue centres.

And don't forget the sheer bulk of these dogs, even when they are puppies. No more low coffee tables with neat little ornaments adorning the surface, no more leaving your tea or coffee on those tables - giant dogs are clumsy! They cannot help it; they wag their tails and everything goes flying!

Be warned.

Vet bills will be higher, insurance and medications will be more expensive.

But you know what? They are worth it!

Do you own a giant dog? I would love to hear all about him or her and show off your pictures to all the world on my website

If you have your heart set on a giant dog, or perhaps you already live with one, this site will give you all you need to know about health issues, feeding, training and grooming your giant breed.

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